A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

On the Cusp

My Dearest Little Princess,
I am enjoying these last few days when you are "relatively" immobile. I have spent the last 7 months (plus the 9 months before that) carrying you, but that is quickly changing. You have been scooting backwards and rotating to the side by pushing up with your hands for awhile now. About a week ago, you figured out how to push up with both your hands AND your knees, but then you looked around confused because you couldn't move from that position. 
Yesterday, I put you down for your nap in your crib while you were still awake because sometimes you will just fall asleep. I went into my bedroom, grabbed a basket of laundry, and passed your bedroom on my way to the stairs. I noticed that you were on your hands and knees facing the crib rail. I literally just went down the stairs and set the basket down at the foot of the stairs and came right back upstairs to get you (since you were obviously not going to fall asleep). And in those brief moments you had pulled yourself up the side of the crib and were teething on the top rail. Since when did you start doing pull-ups??! 
Here are some posts from your Dad. His writing is a bit more creative in style:
Jan 21: Got another bad report card from school today. Bulling a pair of boys half again her size, three months older, and that can walk. Apparently the toys in question are hers, and hers alone.
Jan 21: Daddy is apparently back on baby's "Cool List".
Jan 20:New life lesson. Home alone with sick baby = very exhausting.
Jan 17: I grabbed the baby's plastic chain toy as she was playing with it. She aggressively ripped it out of my hands and screamed. "Ba Ba Ba, DaDa!" (Translation: Bad Bad Bad, Dad!)
Jan 14: Princess scooted forward about 6 feet on the floor at school yesterday afternoon. Apparently she was chasing some boy.
Jan 10: A pearly white has been sighted peaking through the gum line.
Dec 27: At 6 months old, my daughter recognized the remote control was the most powerful item in the world. At 6 months, 3 weeks, she is strong enough to rip it out of my hands...during kickoff.
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby's First New Year

Dear Little Princess,
For New Years, your family from Chicago came to visit. Aunt B arrived on New Year's Eve and we had so much fun playing with you.  Aunt B held you in her arms and walked backwards with you while you held onto the string of the Fisher Price Chatter Phone and watched the toy's eyes move up & down. Aunt B and I took turns holding you while dancing to Christmas songs. And of course there was lots of peek-a-boo!  You and I were too tired to make it until midnight, but we had had a wonderful evening with Aunt B!
Grandma S, Grandpa D, and Uncle M were here on New Year's Day. I took you over to their hotel where Grandpa D was in the breakfast area reading the paper. He was so happy to see you! He read to you Pat the Bunny and pretended that one of your toys was a talking puppet. And of course, Grandma S and Uncle M were so delighted to see you and hold you.
I was a little sad to see 2009 go just because it was the year you were born, so it is very special to me. But I'm looking forward to all of your wonderful milestones for 2010!