A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby's First New Year

Dear Little Princess,
For New Years, your family from Chicago came to visit. Aunt B arrived on New Year's Eve and we had so much fun playing with you.  Aunt B held you in her arms and walked backwards with you while you held onto the string of the Fisher Price Chatter Phone and watched the toy's eyes move up & down. Aunt B and I took turns holding you while dancing to Christmas songs. And of course there was lots of peek-a-boo!  You and I were too tired to make it until midnight, but we had had a wonderful evening with Aunt B!
Grandma S, Grandpa D, and Uncle M were here on New Year's Day. I took you over to their hotel where Grandpa D was in the breakfast area reading the paper. He was so happy to see you! He read to you Pat the Bunny and pretended that one of your toys was a talking puppet. And of course, Grandma S and Uncle M were so delighted to see you and hold you.
I was a little sad to see 2009 go just because it was the year you were born, so it is very special to me. But I'm looking forward to all of your wonderful milestones for 2010!

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