A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Loves Tissue Paper

Dear Little Princess,
I underestimated how much you fell in love with wrapping at Christmas. As I discovered today, you now LOVE to rip tissue paper.  At dinner tonight, I secured you in your high chair, put your bib on, and then when to the refrigerator to get your dinner (a jar of sweet potatoes). Notice that my back was turned for maybe 5 seconds there. When I returned to your high chair, in those 5 seconds, you had torn your bib off and were eagerly yanking it between your hands. I realized after awhile that the plastic on the back of the bib makes a similar sound to the ripping of tissue paper, and that you were throwing your arms apart while holding onto the bib like you were trying to rip it. Fortunately, I had some tissue paper handy and gave it to you (watching like a hawk of course to make sure none of it got close to your mouth). You happily yanked and tore and RIPPED that paper!  I'm proud of you for your coordination, though I'm also slightly worried that maybe this means you have frustrations you are taking out on that paper!  I took some of the tissue and made confetti, which greatly amused you to watch the little confetti pieces fall.
This isn't the first time you have shown some impressive coordination. About a week or two ago you successfully turned off (and on) the waterfall soother on your crib. I had asked you maybe a month ago, "How do you turn it off?" and you grasped at the button, not quite able to hit it (though I'm still impressed that you apparently understood and answered the question!). I had thought, though, that maybe it was a fluke that you had grasped at the button after I asked you how to turn it off. Well, ever since then you became determined to turn it off yourself. The first time you did push that button yourself, you beamed and turned to me with a full grin, completely satisfied that you could do it yourself.  After mastering turning on and off the waterfall soother, you are now trying to turn on and off other things too, like the swing! Daddy says you are his little engineer. Grandpa calls you Cyber Baby because of all the Skype video calling we do as a family. As for me?  I secretly think of you as my little genius. Yes, a genius for ripping paper and pushing buttons. :-)  Moms are so proud of the smallest things!

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