A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby's First Christmas!

Dear Princess,
It was a pleasure having you with us this Christmas!  We took you to the family parties in your Santa suit and you were a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted to hold and look at you.  You got tons of toys and clothes (all of which Mom is very grateful for!).  Your new favorite toys are the stuffed animals that sing and a toy that has pop-up smile faces. Mom's favorite new toy is the playpen. I can finally put you down and let you play freely with your toys! You aren't quite crawling or sitting up all by yourself, but you are on the cusp... you can sit with a little support for long periods (or by yourself for about 5 seconds before flopping onto your belly). You can't crawl but you can scoot a bit from side to side reaching for toys.
You almost unwrapped a present while we were at Michelle's house on Christmas Eve. I poked a hole in the wrapping paper and you slowly pulled at it, fascinated with the colorful paper (but not really noticing the toy inside). Next Christmas, when you can really shred the paper to get those toys, will be even more fun!

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