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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost Walking!

My dearest Princess,
I'm sorry it has been so long since the previous post. Since you have become mobile, more of my time is spent "chasing" you!  You are definitely a curious baby. Anything that I have in my hands -- you want. Any where you can crawl, you will go. In fact, you climbed to the top of the stairs at Mammaw's house last weekend! 
As soon as you started crawling, one of the first things you did was push yourself up to a standing position while holding onto a chair. You are still doing that, and your favorite thing to do now is to walk from side to side while gliding your hands along an object. I think if I worked with you with the walker you could be walking....but I don't want to push it. (It's supposedly better for your eye development if you spend a few months crawling). 
A typical day for you involves waking up about 7 am, eating, diaper change, clothes change, and then... play time!  You can stack blocks, flip pages in books, pull the pieces out of the alphabet mat on the floor, and poke at the tiniest minutia of dirt. In about 3 hour intervals you eat, play, and then take a short nap. You tend to still wake up about once in the night, around 2 am for a quick drink, then immediately back to sleep.
Your chatter seems to have become more focused within the past few weeks. For example, on April 30, I was taking you to daycare and had a few balloons in the back of the van for a co-worker's surprise birthday party. You gestured at the balloons and excitedly babbled to me "about" the balloons. That's new! Similarly, this morning, you gestured at the picture of you on the wall and said one of your most common pattern of sounds, "I did it!"  (Yes! That is you in the picture!)  This is a change from what  seemed like more random chatter before. Of course, you still say lots of "Mamma, Dadda!" 
Your cognition of speech is improving too. I remember on April 18, you were playing with your diaper pail and I said, "No, you can't play with that" while shaking my head no. You shook your no also and turned away from the pail. (And then you turned back to the pail and cried because you wanted to play with it!).
It's been fun to watch your eating skills improve over the past month. You can now feed yourself puffed cereal and even teething biscuits!  You are also doing much better on eating food with textures. For Grandma S.'s birthday, she was so pleased to watch you eating the puffed cereal on skype!
You were the star at Easter Mass. :-)  Grandma and Grandpa came in town and we all went to Church together. You wore a sweet pink dress with white tights, white sweater, and black shoes. Everyone smiled at the adorable baby!   
Tomorrow we will celebrate our first Mother's Day together. OK, never mind, it's really our second Mother's Day together -- I made Daddy buy me a gift last year. :-)
I love you with all my heart,

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