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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Walks!

My Dear Princess,
On June 16 you took 6 steps in a row. I think that counts as walking! I couldn't believe my eyes. You were in your room, playing with your toys. You took a step towards your activity table, as I had seen you do many times before. But instead of falling on your butt, you managed to take another step, and another step! I counted six steps (step step, small pause, step step, small pause, step, step) before you got to your toy. I am so proud of you!
You are now up to 10 steps and walking really well (for a toddler!).
You are also saying things when the mood strikes you. This morning I was looking for your shoes and kept saying, "Where are your shoes? Where are your shoes?" You responded with, "shoooe?" So cute.
A couple weeks ago, I was changing your diaper and I brought out the big bottle of diaper rash cream (which fortunately we don't have to do too often). You looked at that bottle and said, "Good grief, what's that?" At the time I was so surprised to hear you say that, but then I remembered that Miss Erin at daycare says "good grief" all the time so it's pretty natural that at some point you would say it!
Last weekend you were playing with your Fisher Price phone and you held the phone to your ear and said, "Who's there?"
You don't talk all the time, just when the mood strikes you, but when you do speak it's lots of fun!
Cheers to my walking, talking toddler. (But I still get to consider you a baby until you are 24 months!) :-)

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