A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Laugh!

Dear Princess,
I was taking a nap on the bed this afternoon when Daddy brought you in and plopped you down beside me.  You smiled and ran your fingers over my face, gurgling sounds like "goo" and "zee." When I repeated what you said out loud, I realized you were trying to say, "It's good to see you!"
I then sat you on my chest and pretended to eat your fingers because this made you almost laugh yesterday.... you gave a "heh" sound and grinned. But you weren't very entertained by the finger-eating today because you were more interested in the dogs, who had climbed onto the bed as well. I turned you around so that you could see the dogs and Bailey came over and sniffed your fingers, then licked your hand. You erupted into full laughter! I guess the doggie kiss tickled you. I can't wait to her your laugh again.

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