A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Growing So Fast

My Dear Little Baby,
Everyone told me that you will grow incredibly fast, but frankly, I did not comprehend just how quickly.
For example, I have a friend that just had a baby and I am SHOCKED at how tiny her baby is. Were you really that small just 5 months ago? I went back and looked at your pictures from June. Yes, you were really were that small!  I can't believe how much you have grown and changed in what amounts to just a few weeks!
I have all of your clothes divided into drawers by size.  The first drawer has newborn to three months clothes. The second drawer has size 3-6 months, and so on. A couple of months ago, I was sad when I realized that I was closing the drawer on your "newborn" clothes for the last time. And now, after tugging to get you into your size 3-6 month clothing this morning, I realize that the drawer for size 3-6 month clothing will soon close for the last time.
Sigh, you really do grow so fast!

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