A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Inspiration

Little Daughter,
There is nothing in the world I love to do so much as hold you in my arms. There is an amazing number of things I have learned to do with one left hand, while carrying you around wrapped tightly in my right hand (using my right hip for your chair, of course).
But it is most wonderful when I get to hold you in my arms while you are nursing or sleeping. After bringing you home from the hospital, I spent hours rocking you, spell-bound by your sweet face. There are many things your father and I want for you that we talk about constantly (Let's teach her to play piano! Let's save for her college education!). But since the first moments when I was sitting in the rocking chair with you in my arms, Princess, please know that my deepest desire is for you to grow up feeling good about yourself.

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