A Mom's letters of love to her baby daughter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dear Princess,
These past few days have had amazing milestones for you! On October 17 (Saturday), we were sitting in Church. I gave you a set of plastic keys to play with, and you purposefully shook them, grinning proudly that you could make the keys rattle!
That same night, you finally accomplished something you have been working on for weeks...you pulled your toes into your mouth! The look on your face said that you weren't expecting your feet to taste quite so much like your hands, so you dropped the foot and just sucked on your thumb instead.
In other milestone news, tonight I was holding you on my lap while sitting in front of the computer. You really wanted to crunch up the papers on the desk, so I gave you some plain papers to crinkle and crease in your small hands. (You are very fascinated by different textures.) After a few minutes you tired of the paper, so to reinvigorate your interest I put a marker in your hand and showed you how to draw a scribble on the paper. You were hooked! You held that marker in your hand and studied it carefully, then you held it with both hands, then you passed the marker to your left hand, and so forth. I kept expecting you to put the marker in your mouth but you never did bring it to your lips. Finally you dropped the marker to the floor.
Daddy insists that your first drawing should have a special permanent spot on the refrigerator.

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